Where do you belong?

A caller requested a visual of his favorite place to spend a call with me, and more importantly exactly where he belongs. Your Queen 🙂 Beth

From Beth’s box (email!)

I just found this old pay to view insult email I wrote to a loser of mine years ago. I charged him quite a bit of money to read this back then. I present it as a gift to my losers now for free! Imagine yourself in this guys place and enjoy. 🙂

The Miscarriage that could
I just told my roomie about you. She is laughing her ass off right now! Not just laughing but seriously laughing. Tears and everything. I am trying so hard to get her to open an account on NF so she can do what I do and make money off of bitch boys like yourself! Already today I have made over $200 today telling you guys that you are lame pieces of shit! lol

Really, you are not even worth the effort that your parents took MAKING you! You are a limited, pititful excuse for a man. So pathetic. This is the only way a worm like you can get your pecker up?

I mean seriously, how fucking lame is this? You are going to pay for this mail and spank it while reading THEN your loser ass will have to call me later to finish the job.

Btw, you made me laugh last night when you told me you were a “loser with limits”. That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

I can’t turn down a black man

Listen my name is brian… and well i financially support a black man… i am a white boy who thinks black men are superior… He is straight and fucks all the girls he wants… and i work work work and give him my full income… he locks me in chastity and hasnt let me out in 6 months :(… he wants me to e-mail you and give you all my personal information so you can laugh as you expose me to everyone… because he finds it funny… please dont make me e-mail you the information and then have to call you to listen to you exposing me 🙁 pretty please im begging you

Poor brian, I feel his pain but there is no way I can deny a superior Black Man what he wants. Surely brian must know that better then I do. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

(Send me a picture of you in your costume! I know my sissies will be decked out!)

From now till Nov 6 2010 I’ll be running a special deal for Halloween!
A lower price on Niteflirt for you to enjoy. And a special deal on my direct dial line. You must mention it to get the discount if you call me at 1-888-696-6817.

Let’s play cuckie.

Cuckold stories

Sometimes I like to post some of my callers emails to me. I love to read the filth that is in your minds… this is an old one that I just unearthed from my old emails, wonder if this guy ever got what he was craving?

Have you ever had a man under you in a 69 possition while another guy was taking you from behind? The man underneath you would be licking at your pussy, while the man taking you from behind slides in and out of you. I would like to be under you and licking you. What woud happen when he came? Would you have me clean him up? Would you sit down on my mouth to make me suck the cum out of you? I have a little dicklette, and like to be humiliated/embarrassed. Who would be the most degrading person you can think of to have cumming in your pussy? Like the idea? I love the idea.

My ex-g/f has played. She let this guy bang her bareback in the back of his car. She let it out that he was bigger than me, both longer and a lot thicker, but the thing she told me turned her on more than anything was that this guy was a really heavy cummer. She had a huge sexual appetite and she gets off on a big cock (mine is quite small). She told me it made her feel as sexy as hell and very desirable because he always did a big load up her. I made a point of licking her pussy afterwards if I could (although she thinks I didn’t know about her adventures). The first time I went down on her, she was very reluctant, but when I especially complemented her on her taste – she enjoyed feeding herself to me. I loved it. b.

Did that turn you on? It got me excited 🙂
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