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“I like to jack off thinking of my wife having sex with another man”

Someone, actually several someones, search for this phrase or some variation of it daily.
I wonder if some of them are looking for a support forum to get some help for their affliction, but instead they find me.
Poor guys, they should have taken that left turn in Albuquerque. There are some forums out there for guys like them. I wandered onto one recently, called something like “no more mister nice guy”.

It’s filled with posts in this vein:
“You just gotta MAN up! Stop being a beta! Women don’t like that stuff and when they see any weakness they POUNCE!”

Women are only allowed on the forum in a little corner, we are firmly admonished to not upset the “men” and banned quickly if we step out of line. lololol

(give me a second while I compose myself…lololol)

It’s like some kind of He Man Woman Haters Club, except there are really arn’t any real men there and certainly no he men.


So some of you end up on forums like that one and some of you end up on blogs like mine and calling women like me. (or actually calling me if you decide to hold out for the best, I don’t log in very often 🙁 )

I’m all for people helping themselves and improving their lives but…if you are spanking it picturing your wife getting it from someone else, there is not much hope for you.
You won’t change. No forum is going to help you. No support group is going to make you a man.
No marriage counselor is going to make your balls finally drop. This is it for you, this is your life. Some are just born this way and should learn to make the best of it.

I’m the best of it.

NO, I’m not going to be able to man you up, but I can show you the fun part of being a cuckold, a loser, a walking wallet.
Everything has a good side and a bad side.
Pick the good side of being a cuckold.

Next I think I need to have a chat with the “men” searching for this phrase:
“Why does my wife want me to wear stockings and jerk off?”
*sigh* my work is never done. 🙂

My silk reflections..

I had a caller recently that was all dressed up in pretty pink panties, matching lacy bra, a beautiful dress, high heels.. the works!
I was getting into the call with him but I noticed that as it went on longer I realized I was getting kind of snarky with him!
I didn’t understand why.. then it dawned on me that I was getting jealous! lol I was lying on my bed wearing fuzzy socks, and my pjs from the night before. And this sissy was decked out in clothes I would like! What is wrong with this picture?? I have not let myself go or anything but I have noticed that my days of bumming around are starting to outnumber my days of dressing up.
I decided I should take clue from my sissy and really look at how he relishes dressing up. How he looks forward to it. How it becomes an experience! Because this is my right as a woman I had come to a point where I was not appreciating how very wonderful it is to dress up. How nice the right shoes, clothes, hair, makeup, and of course panties and bra, can change my whole day.
Thanks sissy for reminding me! I’m planning to get dressed in something cute the moment I finish writing this!