Beth :)

to me. Come play in my sanctuary. You and I alone, left
to our own wicked devices. Find some means of pleasure and come
be with me. A place where we can be alone to explore each other and
live in a fantasy world of our creation. I know you want it. You
wont regret our time together. Call me and cast out your inhibitions.
I am the one you have been craving… the one who gives you all
those restless nights…show me how much you want it and I will give
it to you… just the way you like it.

love the fantasies that I have with my callers! I especially enjoy playing with the minds of cuckolded men! I love turning them on with stories about their slutty wife and knowing that I am also scaring them to death! Its almost like a roller coaster isn’t it? The fear enhances the pleasure. You love it and hate it. Thinking of that woman that promised to love, honor, and obey, down on her knees in front of another man.

I also have a fondness for my boys into cbt. Don’t ask me why but it turns me on so much to think of you doing that for me! Sacrificing yourself all for me… who wouldn’t like that?

Whatever your fetish, I’m pretty sure I can have a little fun with you exploring it with you.