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I just received this email about a piece of writing I did a couple of years ago for a Niteflirt listing. Many of you have told me how much you enjoyed it, but this letter I just received is now my favorite compliment. 🙂

Maybe I’ll be inspired one day to create a part 2 to that story….

Dear Beth,

Four paragraphs. Your listing, Cuck Queen, is only four paragraphs long. And yet, it is one of the most erotic pieces of writing I can recall reading. I surf around on NiteFlirt, enjoying the listings — and the pictures, too; who cares if they’re “real” — but don’t call very often.

Somehow, after repeated readings over several months, your listing continues to “get” me every single time. Every time! I love the build to the climax. Your details push my buttons just right: what if my wife actually is cheating? We never go to clubs, but that part hits the perfect tone anyway; it works anywhere. The suspicion about her lunch dates. Your description of her sweating and moaning — so sexy. And then suddenly, my wife is begging some dude to slap her ass, and I lose control. There I sit, with sticky hands, a damp forehead, and a sob caught in my throat.

I’m a little embarrassed writing this gushing fan letter, when you don’t know me from Adam. But I thought you wouldn’t mind the compliment. And, I’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of your writing, I think it’s only right that I send you a little something in thanks. Thanks!

Man. Four paragraphs.

Admiringly yours,
John Doe


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