A naughty performance

This is for those naughty boys that like to perform. I would just love to sit back on the sofa with your wife and some of her very good friends and watch you jerk it for us. All of us ladies clinking our glasses together, giggling, whispering in each others ears as we watch you slowly stroking your cuckold cock. Your wife is telling us how her funny little cuckold husband is going to keep stroking it and find out just how long he can hold off before he spurts his cum.

How long do you think you could keep yourself from cumming all over your fingers? Every giggle would send you to the edge wouldn’t it? So humiliating to finally lose control and spurt cum all over your fingers isn’t it? The mingled laughter is not helping the situation. 🙂 Worse, now you have a huge mess of cum to clean up.

Get busy boy.


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