Cuckold Cleanup Crew

I’m always trying to cum up *giggle* with new ways to make money. I fantasize about myself as an entrepreneur. I could make even more money from your cuckold lifestyle. *giggle* So I was thinking of that business started where hunky guys will come and clean a woman’s house naked (or more likely the customers are gay men, lol) Well I was thinking of starting a Cuckold Cleanup Crew! I could send guys out on jobs that the little “toe dipping” cuckolds can’t handle yet. You know what I mean, those new to the cuckold lifestyle guys who are barely just getting completely used to the idea of their wife or girlfriend fucking other guys but have not gotten up the courage to clean up the mess that accompanies such activities. So I’ll send out my Cuck Crew! Men that are extreme cuckold sluts, or like you boys, just smitten with cum! I could send them out to those really messy jobs. (I imagine there are a few of you darting your eyes back and forth looking for a link to apply arn’t you?)

Think it would work?…

Found a hot video for you guys. Cuckold Cleanup


#1 Dave on 04.05.10 at 3:07 pm

I’ve been with my gf for about 6 yrs. She become dominate and controlling. She makes me clean the house, massage her feet and legs. Always makes me go down on her before anything. Lately her pussy has very opened and wet. She alot of creamy inside and when I put it in I can barely feel her and more cream comes out. Is it possible that I had my firstcream pie? She also says she sore and to kiss down there really slow. If I’m only 5 in. What can I do to satisfy her?

#2 Beth on 04.06.10 at 2:13 pm

Oh dear, it appears I’ve become the Dear Abby for cuckolds. Well Dave it does look as if you have experienced your first cream pie! We are all very proud of you and wish you well on your journey to cream pie cuckold heaven. I think you may have a few bumps along the road though because you are still asking questions such as “what can i do to satisfy her?”. Iol But you will soon get with the program!

#3 Dave on 04.12.10 at 10:12 am

Hello Beth,
thank you for your quick reply. I’m finding my gf being more Wet and open when she comes home more often. What should I do to let her know I’m ok with her needs and what ever she what’s? All I want is for her to be happy.

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