cum licking boys

lol I had a call last night from another guy that wants to swallow cum for me.
This one was one of those flexible boys that goes into all sorts of exciting contortions to amuse me. Can you see it? Sliding up against a wall, raising his ass up inch by inch till he is pretty much poised on his shoulders. His face is getting red as it fills up with blood, he had the phone jammed between his shoulder and ear, and one hand jerking his cock off, while he is panting in my ear. I keep egging him on.. the more excited he gets, the further he will shoot, and we both desperately want him to make a *basket*!
I love the sheepish way they tell me, “I just came, I got some in my eye” he is coming down to earth and already embarrased, sliding down the wall, wiping the jizz off his chin, but even still telling me “thank you…I will call you again soon”


#1 jizzster on 09.21.07 at 10:53 pm

that sounds like me. I always think it is so hot to cum on my face, but I get super embarrassed just afterwards. I’ve started doing in Parks at night and then I have to run all the way home with cum on my face.

#2 Beth on 09.22.07 at 10:06 am

That’s the best part.. I love it when they get embarrased afterwards, when their dick is shriveling and they just want to forget what they have done. hehe

#3 subboy on 10.05.07 at 7:58 am

I too like swallowing my own cum. The problem is I have a small cock(5″ hard) and when I get on my back and put my legs over my shoulders, I sometimes have trouble breathing. The lack of oxygen causes me to prolong my cumming and it takes awhile. After I cum, I’m embarrassed and I force myself to look in the mirror before I clean up. That’s humiliating.

#4 Beth on 10.05.07 at 8:06 am

LOL OK Subboy.. maybe you need to have a masturbation “spotter” of sorts. Someone to watch over you and make sure you don’t die of asphyxia.
Now THAT would be humiliating! Next time you are doing this, in addition to looking in the mirror why not take a few pictures and send them to me so we can all enjoy your moment with you. *giggle*

#5 jizzster on 11.14.07 at 4:07 pm

feeling humiliated afterwards is the best part. i think i want to be watched and laughed at while i cum on my face. being taunted while my warm jizz drips off my face and my dick shrivels. you’ll be hering from me Miss Beth.

#6 Beth on 11.14.07 at 7:37 pm

lol.. if you really want some humiliation then take a few pics so i can post them and everyone can see what a real cumboy looks like.

#7 jizzster on 11.16.07 at 2:17 pm

im going to send you the most degrading cumboy photos you have ever seen. when people see my face in public and on the net i want them to say “hey that’s beth’s cumboy. he is the most worthless cum eating loser.” i want everyone to know they can make me pull out my tiny dick and jack off into my face for them whenever they ask. I’ll even put things in my ass for the pictures.

you are a godess Beth and i think of you everytime my warm jizz is dripping down my face as i cry about what a cumslut loser i am.

#8 scotty on 11.22.07 at 4:54 pm

i’ve done everything imaginable with my cum. once i took about 5loads in a 35mm film cannister to a strip show and poured it into my throut (discreetly). i love watching those ggg films while pouring my own cum down my throught. i can suck my own cock too thanks to this crazy obsession.

#9 Seth on 09.22.08 at 6:10 am

i know this is old, but dude — that is messed up, drinking your own cum. Ugh. You guys are damaged. Just thinking about this stuff makes me taste vomit in my mouth. Yuhh, buuugh. Wow. My stomach is seriously considering evacuation because of this. Good God… eeew… ugh… huuh… Go see a shrink.

#10 Doug on 12.07.08 at 9:38 am

I dont even bother with the gymmastics. I cum in my wife’s pussy and then she sits on my face. That is the best. When its all over, I feel embarrased but what is worse is she spoons it out after about 15 mins and makes me eat it.

#11 Public on 06.22.09 at 12:57 pm

I’m thinking of going to a neighboring town with two thick white loads of cum I froze in the freezer. I’m going to let it thaw, pour it on my face, then walk by girls with a sign that says “I have cum on my face” to see what kind of reaction I get!

#12 Beth on 07.12.09 at 12:00 pm

You have sploogecicles and cumpops in your fridge?

#13 aviator on 09.03.09 at 3:06 pm

i’ve always been excited about eating my cum, and I have gotten close to doing so so many times. there would be times where I would assume the self bukakke position and jack off furiouslyand vigourasly, but just before I cum I pull away and after that I usually lose the cum eating sensation almost immediately..i guess im a bit grossed out by the idea, but I think something likes this needs to be forced upon me by a sexy mistress

#14 Beth on 09.10.09 at 2:33 pm

Stop chickening out! Or better.. like you said go find a Mistress that will make sure you do it! (then let me know all about it lol)

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